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Developing a Nursing Portfolio

By Mozart M. Telles

Feb 12, 2022

Developing a portfolio is an essential tool to demonstrate professional accomplishments and document growth (Williams & Jordan, 2007, p. 125-131). A professional portfolio is evidence of the nurse’s skills, achievements, and professional experience (Dennison, 2017). A portfolio can assist nurses in storing and managing their revalidation or reregistration documents in one place so that these can be easily updated and produced when required, for example, in performance reviews and job applications (Cope & Murray, 2018, p. xx).

Today the internet is an excellent way to publish a portfolio. A quick search on returned many websites capable of helping anyone make a great portfolio that focuses on academic achievements. According to the three best online portfolio makers are,, and I would like to add that many professionals in my area of expertise are encouraged to work with, which is a platform for professional connections.

All nurses must continue professional development activities to maintain, update and improve their knowledge and practice, and they can use their portfolio to document these activities (Cope & Murray, 2018, p. xx).

Technology has had a widespread impact on the careers of individuals (Sullivan & Baruch, 2009). is an excellent platform for administrating a portfolio and building a resume simultaneously. Another one is, but it will take more time to accomplish the same goals. Additionally, is a fixed portfolio that resides somewhere online, and unless you spread your portfolio from to others, nobody will find it as easy as, but it is more aesthetically pleasing.

If the goal is to align with Walden University on social change, then is a better option since it connects your professional person and a social media platform in one place (Gerard, 2011). With a membership from, a nurse can find partners, schools, students that live near, job offers, and much more, although in my career never helped in anything, I personally still have to see the benefits of membership, besides being public, which I have an aversion of it.

Therefore, if you select a physical Microsoft Word Document, a PDF, or an online portfolio, as long as you spread the knowledge that you are there and able to contribute to society, you will align yourself with Walden University's emphasis on social change (Walden University, n.d.).


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